KLEE (Suzie & Sten)

The KLEE-Story begins in the 90s: under the name RALLEY Suzie Kerstgens and Sten Servaes released 2 albums that sounded different from anything in Germany. Inspired by bands like Blondie or The Cardigans they meshed worldly pop sound with german lyrics. A car accident stopped RALLEY and forced a new beginning: The sound became more electronic, RALLEY became KLEE. All KLEE albums have been chart successes, singles like "Gold", "Erinner dich", "Zwei Herzen", "Die Stadt", "Willst Du bei mir bleiben“ or "2 Fragen“ were radio-hits and also accompanied films, TV-series and global advertising campaigns (e.g. Givenchy, DB, Aktion Mensch). Colleagues like Nena, Gunter Gabriel, Max Mutzke, Tilman Rossmy or The Wedding Present covered KLEE songs, which honors their classy, unique songwriting. KLEE never sound „german“, but like international euphoria. No wonder they play concerts all over the world and release their music in the UK and USA.