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We strongly believe that transparent data is the basis of a trusting relationship with our partners. That is why, as an exclusive service to our songwriters and publishing partners, our own client portal and app provide royalty statements, sales figures and other data insights.

Royalty Analysis

Crunching numbers can be challenging, but our smart graphs and charts, showing your royalty income and development, are understandable at first glance. Even your billing and royalty statements are just one click away.


We keep you in the loop about the newest developments in the publishing world and have made a brand-new FAQ section available for you. If it can’t answer your questions, we’re only one call away.



“Hey, you’re on the radio!”

The app. Publishing in your pocket.

Streaming and sales figures, tracking airplay and TV usage.

This app is faster than those calls from your friends wanting to tell you that your song is on the radio: BuddeMusic inside tracks TV (US and EU) and radio airplay (worldwide) – almost in real-time – and updates you via push-notifications.

Simple and easy, the opposite of typical music-publishing. An exclusive service for our songwriters.

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No account? No Problem.

Send an e-mail with your full writer or publisher name and IPI number to inside@buddemusic.de.

Please note: BuddeMusic inside is for our clients only!

The BuddeMusic inside app

We are continuously developing our digital products, making sure to future-proof our publishing services.