Dhanya Langer

Growing up in a family where Dhanya was surrounded by all kinds of different music led to the mindset of appreciating each genre as equally important and eventually got him to draw inspiration from all kinds of music.
Starting off with drums at the age of 6, the Berlin based producer/drummer learnt how to play the piano and started producing music 10 years later. In 2014 he started to study jazz and popular music in Freiburg, but moved to Berlin only two years later to push himself into the ever growing and flourishing music scene of the german capital city.

Currently he is drumming and producing for the german pop artist KAIND, working on his electronic project D.Y.A and freelancing as a producer for various artists. Furthermore he is part of the label SOLIDE and has just started a new band project called MODHA, which covers his interest of a more live and organic approach to music.

Co-published with Edition KEINEMUSIK