"Deen-O don't you think that's too much bass?" is more of a rhetorical question. Concise drums and rattling 808's characterize a classic Deen-O beat. As a producer and DJ, Deen-O is no longer an unknown quantity in the scene and convinces with his own sound. When you hear his tag, you know the turn up won't be long in coming. Deen-O came into contact with the Hip Hop and R'n'B world at a very young age through his father. Already at the age of 5, the Cologne native could not get away from artists like Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly and Sisqó. These are still part of his life today. This is confirmed by the Awards nomination for "Best Upcoming Artist" 2017 after the release of his first self-produced song "Fly" with rapper Jeeza. The two were quickly on the same wavelength musically and personally and have since been active in the rap scene as a rapper-producer duo. In addition to many releases with rapper Jeeza, Deen-O has already worked on the albums Endstufe by Summer Cem, Party & Bullshit by Bato and Man oft the Year by Micel O. Accordingly, the next success was not long in coming. In June 2019, he founded the label Deadstck Rec. with Jeeza, which received a distribution contract from the label Goldleague / Sony Music a month later.

Co-published with Edition Push It To The Limit