After the Bonn-based Airon released his first EP "InFlagranti" in November 2019, a lot happened in the 22-year-old's artistic life, not only musically. In the weeks and months following the EP, he released several singles, which are not yet in any communicated context, which caused a stir in the German-speaking world and, above all, a multitude of streams. Independently, Airon already acquired an amazingly solid reach, but now he managed a coup that is unparalleled and most newcomer musicians can only dream of at most. None other than Bushido, who is probably one of the most famous rappers this country has ever produced, took notice of the powerful-voiced youngster from the ex-capital and decided to back him and publish his output in the future via his YouTube account, which has a huge reach. Honest lyrics, which appear continuously more gripping and mature, clearly produced beats, as well as a cinematic visual implementation are recognizable with Airon. Anyone who follows Airon on his social media channels knows that his realness is beyond question - he lives and feels what he raps about - or even sings about in the hook. When you see him and observe him in his purpose it quickly becomes clear that he and his art do not/will not represent a flash in the pan.

Co-published with Edition Push It To The Limit